The rental process

Event Rentals Yellowknife  (ERYK)  makes renting easy. Whether you need to rent linens for a dinner party or you need assistance with planning a corporate gala,  we have expert staff ready to assist you. The rental process starts the moment you email, call or visit our office. ERYK strives to make the entire rental process smooth sailing and bring your vision to life.


If you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s as easy as contacting us and requesting a quote. Our team will create a quote for your requested rental items plus any services you require such as delivery or return pick-up. Once you have reviewed your quote and everything looks a-okay, we will require a valid credit on file with a deposit of 50% of all rental fees to finalize your reservation. Don’t worry - you can still make changes to your reservation after the deposit has been processed.


A week before your event, our team will send you a confirmation email of your order. You will be able to confirm your order or make changes if needed. Please make sure you review your order thoroughly! Check the event date, items rented, quantity of items, delivery times and any special requests (if applicable). Reviewing your order will help our team ensure your event is successful.


Full payment is due at least two days before your event (if you haven’t already submitted payment) and is required before your rental items can be picked up or delivered. The day before your event, we will contact you to advise that your order is ready.


If your order is being delivered, the ERYK crew will stack items in the area discussed at time of booking. Please note that additional charges may apply if our crew needs to carry rental items up or down stairs or move other items out of the way (picnic tables) to get to the delivery area. Make note of where the rental items were delivered, as they will need to be placed in the same location (if our take down service is not being provided) for return pick-up.


The ERYK crew reviews all rental items before leaving our shop. However, on occasion there may be issues with an item a client has rented. Please make sure to test all rented equipment and count all rented items as soon as you are able.  Notify us immediately if there are any issues with your items.


After your event, whether you are having items picked up or are dropping them off to our shop yourself, please ensure that all rented items are stacked, clear of debris (linens are shaken out, vases are rinsed) and packed in the bins provided.  Be aware that there will be additional costs for extra labour required to stack tables, shake out linens or pour out water from vases if you have not selected the take-down service.


When your order is returned to our shop, the rental items are counted and checked for damages. If there are any missing items you will notified and charged for the missing items. Don’t fret - you have 30 days to return missing items!  The replacement fees will be reversed once all missing items are returned. If there are any damages to your order, assuming you have accepted the Damage Waiver Insurance, you are covered up to $100.00. If damages are more than $100.00, you will be required to pay 50% of the damage costs. To avoid these additional costs, please make sure that your rental items are stacked and packed properly in the bins provided to ensure items are not damaged during transport.


After your event, you will be contacted by our team one last time. This is where you can let us know if we did a great job or if there are some improvements we need to make.


If you have any questions regarding our rental process feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!